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Kim Thorpe


Kim's key strengths are in assisting organisations in the change process.  This includes working with them to align their vision, planning, operating model and their culture at all levels.

Kim works successfully with organisations of all sizes - from local to global.  Kim has provided advice to BHP Billiton for over 10 years, assisting them with managing change, building more effective teams, and facilitating process improvements. Kim also works closely with State & Local Government.  Kim's strengths are in partnering with organisations to transform how they operate, leading to deep, sustainable change.

Julie Cunningham


Julie has a unique blend of consulting, facilitating and coaching competence. With a large ‘toolkit’ developed through her experiences, she can quickly and pragmatically assist people, teams and organisations to identify and align their strategic, and operational plans while boosting productivity and engagement.

Julie’s talent is in consulting to chief executives, boards, senior management and groups on change management, business and strategic planning; and undertaking organisational and functional reviews. Julie’s experience includes human resources, business communications, marketing, facilitating change, coaching, and providing strategic and risk management advice.

Peter Murchland


Peter has outstanding credentials as a business transformation and ICT consultant to public, private and community sector enterprises. Peter brings extensive experience in engaging executives and managers in aligning business and information strategies, integrating and transforming business and information systems, and ensuring effective  business change management. Peter's style is to lead by example, building capability and embedding an appropriate culture.

Meet Our Team