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Interface Consultants is committed to helping build next generation enterprises and next-generation leaders.  We work with boards, organisations, teams and individuals to help identify and build responsive business and operating models supported by a dynamic capability to boost areas of strength and redress gaps.

In the last two decades the way we live, the speed of change and the technology we use have altered dramatically.  It’s all about the systems, the eco-systems and the global connectedness that is driving how, where, when and why we do what we do.

Our distinctive practice infuses brain and systems savvy thinking and approaches into our service offerings.  By blending systems thinking, enterprise architecture, social cognitive psychology, neuroscience and corporate governance, we help reshape traditional leadership models.  Shedding new light on how our brains work offers an opportunity to better understand why and how we think, behave, make decisions and interact with each other.

Interface Client Outcomes Cogs Model

We know that a key entry point is including the brain in our leadership and mastery models.  The brain is a system – a complex system.  Integrating this more broadly and holistically with systems thinking will allow the ‘leap’ that many boards, organisations and senior executives are seeking.  It’s an enabler for ‘nimble’, ‘adaptive’, ‘agile’ – buzzwords that many seek, and few achieve.

We note the observation that enterprises have flourished through scaling efficiency (the industrial era) but will now need to flourish through successfully scaling learning (the knowledge era).  This underpins our commitment to leadership development, to mastery and to enterprise development.

Interface’s purpose is quite simply to empower, develop and support a community of:

  • next generational boards/organisations shaping effective strategy leading to meaningful change inside and outside of the boardroom
  • next generation leaders realising faster and meaningful change driving towards enhanced accomplishment inside and outside of their organisations (and portfolios/teams)

Interface does this by:

  • expanding the debate, helping shift mindsets and ultimately shaping the future, one board/organisation at a time (consulting services)
  • cultivating capability, expanding our impact via a bootstrapping approach, whilst providing ongoing support, development and connection (on-demand)
  • empowering the next generation of leaders by delivering unique and practical learning experiences and extraordinary outcomes (mastery services)

What is distinctive about our thinking and associated practices?

In some senses, there is nothing particularly new or novel. At its simplest, what we describe about being brain savvy simply seeks to make that which humanity is learning through the fields of neuroscience, psychology, sociology, behavioural economics more accessible and applicable to your role as a leader and influencer. And at its simplest, what we describe about being more systems savvy simply seeks to make that which the human species is learning through the field of systems thinking, particularly as it applies to the enterprises that we as leaders engage and collaboratively pursue through social systems.

As you engage with us, we recognise that some and perhaps much of what we describe will be familiar, known and already applied by you in your various leadership roles. We have sought to provide a means by which you can find the thinking and practices that offer you new perspectives and insights and enable you to advance your mastery of the disciplines and practices in successfully leading, designing, evolving, adapting the enterprises in which you engage and in cultivating the necessary capabilities these enterprises need to realise their goals and aspirations.

What we hope you will find distinctive about engaging with us is that we are committed to an open and mutually respectful engagement where we all benefit from the learning and professional development that we each gain through shared curiosity, reflection, honesty and integrity.

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