Savvy Enterprise Transformation

What do we mean by savvy?

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What do we mean by savvy? Why have we used this term? And what do we mean by brain savvy, systems savvy, change savvy? Synonyms for savvy include … shrewdness, astuteness, sharp-wittedness, sharpness, acuteness, acumen, acuity, intelligence,…
Brain 5 Funadmental Discoveries

Leaders and Organisations of the Future

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Organisations and leaders of the future know that they need to get their, and other people’s, brains in the game. Advances in neuroscience are changing the landscape of leadership development and change management. Through neuroscience,…
Banning IT Projects

Banning IT Projects

Back in 2012, I attended an IT Governance seminar where Jane Treadwell, former CIO for the Government of Victoria (in Australia) started her presentation with three key assertions: There are no IT projects – there are only business…