When it comes to working across differences, such as culture, does your brain work for you or against you? Brain research is showing that despite our good intentions, the brain can trip us up when it comes to working and communicating effectively across cultures and differences. Change, complexity and turbulent times can tax the brain’s […]

Design Thinking (DT) As we are faced by consistent uncertainty, often termed the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), the nature of the 21st century is exactly the right time for organisations to embrace design thinking. Design thinking is one form of fresh thinking that provides a method for practical and creative problem-solving.  This […]

Change with the Brain in Mind The extent to which our brains are social is significantly underestimated by leaders and when it comes to managing change, this can present enormous challenges. It’s not surprising that such a high percentage of change projects fail, as the change is rarely seen through the social brain lens. How […]

Design Thinking (DT) for Practitioners Human-centred design sits at the heart of design thinking. It is one form of fresh thinking that helps deal with our increasingly disruptive world. It allows those faced with the need for new solutions to apply a different approach to problem-solving using creative techniques that lead to innovation. This 2-day […]