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Brain Savvy Leaders

Here’s the scenario…

You’re a leader in an organisation that needs to become more competitive and there is constant pressure to increase productivity and drive better bottom line results. Yet, within your organisation silo-mentality abounds and there are teams who are competitive with each other in ways that don’t help your organisation – and actually can mean that different functions are directly working against each other.

As a leader, you know this isn’t sustainable and that you need to help your people to think and behave in a different way.

Brain Savvy – But how?

In this half-day session, we introduce 6 principles of neuroscience we believe leaders need to understand to start to operate in a more brain-savvy way. Success is not possible without changing the day-to-day behaviour of people. But changing behaviour is hard; we are creatures of habit, and we are wired for habit formation. Research indicates that even for individuals, and even when new habits can mean the difference between life and death, it’s the follow through that is the challenge.

What does this mean for leaders? We believe that for leaders of the future to be successful, they need to operate with the brain in mind. Neuroscience research indicates that human behaviour in the workplace doesn’t work in the way that many leaders think it does. This helps to explain why many leadership efforts or organisational change initiatives don’t meet expectations.

There is good news! According to research ‘…more than anyone else, the boss creates the conditions that directly determine people’s ability to work well’ (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2002).

Join us for a half-day session where we:

  • Introduce 6 key principles to help you become a more brain savvy leader
  • Assess areas for individual improvement
  • Identify a key action for you to focus leadership attention.

Book here for 6 Principles of Neuroscience for Brain Savvy Leaders

We look forward to seeing you!

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