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Change with the Brain in Mind

The extent to which our brains are social is significantly underestimated by leaders and when it comes to managing change, this can present enormous challenges. It’s not surprising that such a high percentage of change projects fail, as the change is rarely seen through the social brain lens.

How many change projects, or transformational programs have you led, been involved in, or experienced, that have been designed with the brain in mind?

We believe that combining neuroscience and psychology can help you understand and apply ‘brain savvy’ principles to your organisational change approaches. We reckon it’s the ‘brain in mind’ element that is the secret sauce to successful transformational efforts.

This half-day interactive session introduces some key principles from the brain’s perspective that will improve how you, your team and your organisation move forward.


Understanding how our brains work helps people to be more effective when it comes to dealing with, and, managing change. Examples of insights that come from a better understanding of the brain include:

  • Novelty effect – leads to attention and helps to brain plasticity.
  • Tangibles are easier to see – speaking in terms of physical to get more buy-in
  • Improve our theories – great ideas come when you are able to notice subtle signals.


Join us for a session where we introduce:

  • Key brain-based principles that impact change
  • A brain-based model for assessing the social impact of interventions
  • Selected techniques for approaching change in a brain savvy way.

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