conversational matters
Discover what conversational intelligence is and why it’s important and explore the impact of good versus bad conversations on our brain.

Put simply – conversations matter! We used to believe that conversations were simply about sharing information with each other. After studying the brain and how it works, we now understand that conversations help us connect, navigate and grow.

In many instances, conversations miss the mark. We talk past each other, over each other or make things up that suit our motivations and needs.

It helps to understand what conversations trigger lower-level brain activity (threat oriented – non-conscious flight, fight, freeze), versus what sparks higher-level brain activity (reward oriented – conscious trust, integrity, strategic thinking).

Join us for this lunch-n-learn session where we explore

  • the energy and chemistry of conversations
  • introduce 3 key principles of conversational intelligence
  • take a closer look at Fear and Trust in the brain and how it impacts conversations.

We’ll supply a light lunch of wraps with coffee, tea and conversation content. You can bring your enthusiasm, questions and interested colleagues.

We look forward to seeing you. Book here for Conversational Intelligence – why every word matters

For more information, please contact Julie Cunningham on 0409773291 or email me here