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Design Thinking (DT) for Practitioners

Human-centred design sits at the heart of design thinking. It is one form of fresh thinking that helps deal with our increasingly disruptive world. It allows those faced with the need for new solutions to apply a different approach to problem-solving using creative techniques that lead to innovation.

This 2-day practitioner workshop being conducted from 9.00am – 5.00pm each day provides an in-depth focus on the design thinking, particularly grounding you in the needs of the people you’re creating for. It provides hands-on instruction in the process, tools and techniques of Design Thinking.

You’ll learn how to develop empathy for your customers and surface insights for creating products and services they want and need. With an emphasis on using a case study approach and in-course challenges involving group discussions and exercises, you’ll gain practical design thinking skills and mindsets that will help you turn your customer needs into human-centred solutions.


  • Introduction & Overview
  • Understanding Design principles
  • The Design Thinking process
  • Empathise to understand – immerse/observe/engage
  • Define to inspire – share insights, synthesize and select
  • Ideate for creativity – diverge and converge
  • Prototype to clarify – experiment and iterate
  • Test for Quality – feedback and learning
  • How to implement and manage Design Thinking

Learning Outcomes

  • A deeper understanding of the DT process reinforced through an extensive hands-on case study and challenge undertaken in groups
  • Training in the use of a comprehensive set of tools and techniques (each attendee will receive a set of templates covering the tools and techniques covered in the workshop); these will include empathy maps, customer journey maps, the power of 10 and storyboarding
  • Skill development in sharing insights, re-framing problems, co-design and creative thinking
  • An appreciation of how to implement DT within your organisation.

A light lunch and break refreshments will be provided.

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