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Event Details

Design Thinking (DT) – A tool that enables innovation

27 August 2019 – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm each day

Design Thinking is a form of fresh thinking that helps deal with our disruptive world.  It is a human-centred approach that focusses on customer empathy, team creativity and meaningful feedback to deliver both innovative and value based solutions for important problems. This 1 day workshop will introduce you to DT and provide hands-on instruction in the process, tools and techniques. Using a realistic case study the session will build across the day with in-course challenges involving group discussions and exercises that facilitate learning and understanding.

Participants will leave the session armed with a new approach to facilitating innovation that is creative, customer focused and of value to their organisation.

Session content covered will include:

  • An overview of DT
  • Appreciating the organisational context – an important starting point to ensure value
  • Key components and techniques – empathy and creativity
  • The DT process
  • How to implement and manage DT

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