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When it comes to working across differences, such as culture, does your brain work for you or against you?

Brain research is showing that despite our good intentions, the brain can trip us up when it comes to working and communicating effectively across cultures and differences. Change, complexity and turbulent times can tax the brain’s resources. This makes it more challenging to be culturally agile and inclusive. Neuroscience is providing compelling new information about the nature of the non-conscious brain, and how we can work to increase our ability to work across differences more effectively, increase our inclusion capacity and create more inclusive, high performing environments.

Join us as we explore recent neuroscience findings on how the natural wiring of the brain impacts our ability to work effectively across cultures and differences, navigate complexity, and create sustained positive behaviour change, and what we can do about it.

We will give you a feel for a range of skills and tools, based on our current practices, that we use to manage the brain’s tendencies that work against inclusion and learn how to strengthen the brain’s capacity for inclusion.

We’ll supply the coffee, tea and conversation content. You can bring your lunch, enthusiasm, questions and interested colleagues.

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