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Psychological Safety

Discover how to create a psychologically safe environment to help your team access, reap and leverage it’s unrealised potential.

In a psychologically safe team, people feel at ease being themselves. They feel that they can show up to work just as they are, trust that they are accepted, share their thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and confront tough conversations, head on. Feeling safe can make or break a team.

To thrive in a productive and enjoyable team (and organisation), people must feel safe to speak up and share their best ideas. Collective trust allows organisational development and accelerates teamwork and leadership.

Psychological safety takes time and a deliberate effort to develop and maintain within your team.

In this full-day session we share how leaders can create psychological safety and high performing teams. We explore:


  • psychological safety is, and how to create it
  • happens when there is no psychological safety
  • psychological safety looks like within a team


  • introduce indicators to assess how psychologically safe is YOUR team
  • introduce 6 keys to build a psychologically safe environment for your team


  • provide tools and techniques for you to discuss and share with your team.

For further information email the session Facilitator, Julie Cunningham or call Julie on 0409773291.

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Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.