Julie Cunningham

Julie Cunningham

My passion is to help individuals, teams and organisations to tap into the rich, multiple data sources of thoughts, emotions and feelings to be savvy, nimble and bring wisdom to decision-making, problem-solving and change transitions.  The amount of personal and world knowledge we acquire gives us an incredible unrealised capacity to move in the direction of our authentic selves and can be used to be a productive individual, a constructive leader of teams and optimum whole-of-organisation contributor.

I’m curious by nature, a committed lifelong learner, and someone who delights in being able to translate theory into practice.  A consistent mantra and premise in everything I do is ‘…it needs to be both interesting and useful’. Interesting to get people’s attention in the first place.  And useful in terms of immediate applicability to drive insights and choice.  If it doesn’t have both elements it’s not going to be sticky!    What started as a personal journey to learning more about how the brain both helps and hinders me and others, quickly morphed into seeing so many opportunities to be to apply brain savvy elements in a number of contexts and different business settings. More recently, and based on my studies in neuroleadership, I’ve been researching social trends and the likely impact on the workforce of the future relative to leading, learning and change.

I enjoy working across the interconnected areas of leadership, learning and change. I have operated at the senior executive level across public, private and not-for-profit industry sectors and for a number of years now in a consulting capacity.  I enjoy working in partnership with chief executives, boards, senior management and a range of groups on their business planning, including facilitating business and strategic planning for them, undertaking organisational and functional reviews and assisting organisations and teams to plan and navigate through transformational change using brain savvy approaches.

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