Kim Thorpe - Interface Partner

Kim Thorpe

As a Director, I bring experience, wisdom and creativity to my everyday work.  As a consultant, I have provided guidance, leadership and assistance to executives, boards, and senior management.  I have successfully supported change in global companies, Government departments, utilities, and the tertiary education sector.   In doing so, I have developed excellent communication, facilitation and interpersonal skills, as well as stakeholder management.

I am an original thinker, and my passion is about finding new and different ways to solve everyday problems for organisations. I am creative in my approach to life and relish the opportunity to apply my mind and my experience in solving complex, organisational problems.  When I explore organisational systems, the problems are inevitably complex in that they result from interactions between culture, leadership, and individual capability.  The solutions are simple but not easy: thinking differently, challenging pre-conceptions, breaking existing hierarchies and patterns of behaviour are challenging and rewarding.

Whilst I have facilitated workshops throughout Australia, and internationally for diverse organisations, I enjoy being based in Adelaide.  I appreciate the continual challenge of being genuine, sincere, and being a person who lives, and works without pretence; taking responsibility for my feelings and actions.  My mantra is that taking the road less travelled leads to new insights and challenges.

I am passionate about non-deterministic approaches to leading change in organisations. I am excited when I find frameworks in Psychology that support sound approaches to leading people through change.  I am currently expanding my learning in the areas of design thinking, neuro-linguistics, and the links between physics and psychology.

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