Our Vision & Values

Interface Consultants is a South Australian based consulting firm, owned and managed by four Partners. The goal of Interface Consultants is to enable leaders and enterprises in South Australia to more effectively change their culture and systems, and as a result, positively impact the South Australian community.

We are passionate about:

  • Building sustainable capability to realise enterprise goals and aspirations
  • Fostering next generation leadership for next generation enterprises
  • Generating enterprise development momentum
  • Kindling a passion for integrity, respect, curiosity and mastery

The way we work and interact with Interface Associates, and with our clients is based on:

  • Integrity – we will do what we have said that we will do
  • Outcomes based – we will be driven by the impact of our work
  • Openness – we will be as open and honest as is feasible
  • Partnership – we believe that everyone can benefit from a relationship

Meet the Interface Partners

Julie Cunningham - Interface Partner

Julie Cunningham

Karen White - Interface Partner

Karen White

Kim Thorpe - Interface Partner

Kim Thorpe

Peter Murchland - Interface Partner

Peter Murchland

Interface Associates

We value our reputation and our brand and as such operate with Associates that  are:

  • Aligned with Interface values: integrity, outcomes based, partnership, and openness
  • In their own right, respected for the quality of their work and their ethics by peers and customers,
  • Aligned with our approach – systems thinking, brain-based, modelling, person-centred,
Caillan Williams- Associate
Caillan Williams
Greg Cunningham -Associate
Greg Cunningham
Jess Vassallo- Associate
Jess Vassallo
Liam Cunningham - Associate
Liam Cunningham
Malcolm Knight - Associate
Malcolm Knight
Phil Ingerson-Associate
Phil Ingerson
Sally Woolford - Associate
Sally Woolford
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