Peter Murchland - Interface Partner

Peter Murchland

I bring extensive experience working in and across the public, private and community sectors, often in complex, multi-organisational enterprises such as criminal justice, trade and transport or human services.  My entire career has entailed helping different stakeholders develop a shared understanding of the enterprise in which they are engaged, most often helping Executives understand IT people, and IT people understand Executives and Managers.  I’m able to bridge from highly strategic to technically detailed problem spaces, helping people to visualise, articulate and shape their future through the use of a systems perspective ie being systems-savvy.

I’m passionate about helping people and organisations to develop a shared understanding of their intended enterprise and how best to realise their goals and aspirations.  I see my engagement with clients as undertaking a shared learning journey, sometimes to destinations known and sometimes to destinations unknown.  I delight in problem-solving and helping others.  My greatest reward is in collaboratively conquering demanding and difficult challenges.

It is important to me to live-out certain values – respect and integrity being two very important values.  I believe in being accountable for my actions and in delivering a high-quality product, service or outcome.  Two mantras that seem to keep arising in my work are:

  • Keep the end in mind
  • Don’t avoid problems as they only come back to bite you!

My current research interests are in understanding and extending the application of systems engineering to enterprises, whether these enterprises are parts of organisations or complex multi-organisational enterprises such as an industry, a community or a system like the like the criminal justice system.  I am particularly interested in being able to convey the value of these disciplines to Boards and to Executives.

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